Monday, April 14, 2003

More photos coming soon

I just have to get around to uploading them - we've got a few, and a couple of video clips should be coming, too.

As for other Boy issues, he had a great time showing off for his grandparents over the weekend, and behaved pretty well when we went out for lunches with them Saturday and Sunday. He loves opportunities to crawl, and he's already trying hard to stand up - everything he encounters goes in his mouth if it's portable enough, and if it doesn't move, he tries to pull himself up with it.

He's been having some sleeping issues the last few days - he gets whiny at night, refuses to go to bed until relatively late, and is sleeping pretty restlessly. I think it's an indicator of more teeth coming soon - he's still got only the two.

Unrelated - I got a set of baseball wristbands with a Red Sox logo on them as a birthday gift from Georgia (one of my employees). I think I'll save them for bowling season, then I can use them to fidget like Nomar before every ball.

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