Thursday, April 03, 2003

As promised

I told you all that the big wrestling articles were a brief digression - I meant it. So, as promised, here's an update on David:

For the last couple of nights, we've been feeding him jars of so-called "3rd foods". These are foods with small chunks, letting him work on his chewing skills.

He doesn't like them, though. He doesn't mind the chunks, but multi-ingredient foods are still kinda complex for him. Dinners have become a marathon rather than a sprint.

We're also giving him the occasional wagon wheel-ish puff to crunch. He likes those, and they promote chewing also. He doesn't gag on them anymore.

As for crawling, he's improving, but he still does it for short bursts. We've started to dress him in good old onesies instead of his sleepers for playing in the house - that way he can more easily use his feet and legs to crawl. That's going pretty well.

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