Monday, April 28, 2003

A fine show, indeed

My friend Jack and I went to Backlash, the WWE pay-per-view show out in Worcester last night. I'd never been to a PPV show before, so it was interesting. No commercial breaks, more action, and generally pretty good matches. The biggest problems we had with it were the time waiting to get out in the garage across the street, and the slow service at the bar we went to for dinner. Glaciers overrun continents faster than we got our meals - and then they brought the appetizers out at the same time. Decent food, terrible timing. But the show was a lot of fun. Tomorrow night, we're going to the SmackDown! taping up in Manchester with our friends Chon and Jane. After that, I think no more live shows for a while...

David's standing up any chance we'll give him. I've been able to catch him a few times and keep him from slamming the noggin, but not every time. It's amazing how hard baby heads have to be. He's already getting better at it, though.

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