Thursday, April 17, 2003

I haven't forgotten the pictures

I just haven't had time to build the page yet. Maybe tomorrow - I've got the day off. Or early next week. We're busy this weekend.

Last night he stood up! Granted, I helped him get there, but he held himself up on his fence, and had a great time looking around before he got tired and plopped back onto his butt. His current policy when he crawls is this: if he encounters something and it doesn't budge, he tries to climb it and pull himself up with it. If it budges, it goes in the mouth. Sometimes he does both at the same time.

He's also starting to adapt better to some of the "3rd foods" we've been trying to feed him, and he's making the first halting efforts at self-feeding. We dunk his spoon in some food and then wait for him to jam it in his mouth. Sometimes he even sticks the end with the food on it in!

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