Saturday, April 26, 2003

Stand and deliver

Or at least stand. Last night, David was crawling around the living room and playing with stuff while I watched him from the couch. He disappeared behind his Command Module for a moment, then he crawled into it from the side. He came to the side facing me, peeked out, and giggled. Then it got interesting.

He backed out of the saucer, then vanished. I looked over, and all of a sudden his head popped up, but it was higher than I expected. So I moved to the side to see what was up, and sure enough, he was standing up! He'd used the saucer to pull himself to standing position.

So I called Jane in to see, and in the fuss he toppled over sideways and banged his head on the rug.

I suspect he may be walking by his birthday at this point. We're in pretty good shape as far as childproofing goes, so there's not too much else to do. I just have to figure out how to gate off the bottom stairs.

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