Thursday, February 02, 2006

Meanwhile, on the Western Front...

Potty training seems to have finally turned the corner - most days now are accident-free. And last night, he got us up at about 4 AM to get help going potty. A week ago he just would have whizzed in his pull-up.

A lot of new business has come my way in the last few weeks. I'm really happy about it, but it does bring the expansion question right back to the fore. I had a person I was hoping to have start pulling hours for me back at the beginning of January, but he's holding out right now in the hopes (for now) that he'll get one of the full-time gigs he's up for first. I kinda hope that, too - I can't give him the kind of hours he'd need to pull down big bank at the moment, though I expect that will change rapidly.

So I'm working on a couple of "plan b" options in that regard. There are a handful of folks with the skills and personality for me to allow them to work for a company bearing my name (I'm sort of a quality fanatic and control freak, and I'm very picky), but for the most part the people best suited to it for me are people who I wouldn't ask to take the risk of jumping off a cliff to join a venture like mine that isn't quite "there" yet. The upside is great, but if it didn't work out I'd have asked someone to trash a steady job for something that fizzled.

I'm absolutely certain now that this won't fizzle out for myself - but I'm not quite 100% sure it'll provide for more than one person. And if I'm having a bad month, it's no big deal for me to not pay myself for a few weeks. I can't ask that of an employee.

So basically I have to be real careful about it, even though expansion is a must. I've been careful about almost everything else so far, so what's one more thing?

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