Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Why I'm not really a writer

There are a couple of caveats here: I have been published professionally in both print and web media, I've written a lot of newsletter articles, newspaper letters, and little drips of humor, and I've been keeping this blog for the better part of five years now. So I do write. And I've even been told by some that I have a talent for it. But this line in a Boston Alterna-Paper (the Weekly Dig, to be exact) is everything I wish I could write, but just cant:

(from a brief review of a techno dance album)
"If you've ever wondered what these UltraDance comps sound like, imagine someone spraying an entire can of Axe body spray directly into your ear and then date-raping you."

Harsh words, but absolutely brilliant in the images it conjures up. I read that line and I could see in my head exactly the type of person who buys and enjoys the music, the clubs they go to, the cars they drive, and everything else about them. And I just can't create a picture that vivid, however hard I try. So I shall always remain a writer wannabe.

Fortunately, writing doesn't even pay the bills for most writers, and I'm pretty good at this computer stuff...

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