Thursday, February 09, 2006

Travelin' Man

Monday was spent mainly in the area. Then it got weird. I started Tuesday with some repair work in Beverly. Then I drove out to Burlington to pick up some Apple gear I was delivering to Newburyport - only to be called midway through the drive up north with news of an Internet outage in Boston. I made the dropoff, dealt with some minor issues there (I'm going back tomorrow afternoon to wrap up), and drove into Boston to deal with things. Turned out the customer's ISP had rerouted their netblock via the Mars Global Surveyor - or something similar. Once I got to the bottom of it making them fix it was easy.

Wednesday I got to stay pretty much in the area - even got to visit my office for a few minutes. Cool. But today was a big driving day - starting out with a Chamber of Commerce function in Beverly at 8, driving down to Hanover for work at an account there (gotta love ACLs - they're a brute-force answer to permission issues in the world of AFP), and then a trip back to Beverly to take care of work at one more home customer. After which I returned to the office, picked up a cranky toddler (no nap today - he was in a uniquely pissy mood tonight and went to bed early), and went home. The bright spot was that with David's going to bed before 8 I got a lot of quality reading time. Bonus.

Tomorrow is a decent amount of driving, barring crisis, but manageable. But the billables are worth it.

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