Monday, January 23, 2006

Why you haven't heard from me in a week...

Here's my schedule over the last week (by town):
Monday (a holiday) - 2 stops in Salem
Tuesday - Boston (all day)
Wednesday - Beverly, Waltham, Burlington, Wakefield
Thursday - 2 stops in Newburyport, 1 in Beverly
Friday - 3 appointments in Beverly, 2 of them at my office
Saturday - sleep in for a while, then head to South Shore with family for Jane's work and a visit to a friend's house
Sunday - errands early, write 2 proposals in afternoon. Oh yeah - David hardly ever naps anymore...
Monday (with some ugly detail) - up at 5 to wake Jane for her AM flight to Newark (business trip). David wakes too, isn't happy about Mommy leaving. Finally get him down to sleep again in bed with me, only to be up at 7 to get day started. Snow causes total change of plans - instead of going to Hanover all day I invert day with Tuesday - meaning stops in Burlington, Lexington, Wakefield, and Boxford. Followed by dinner, trying to get Lil' Dude to sleep (finally succeeding after Mommy calls from hotel and talks to him on the cellphone), and a couple of hours' work on leftover issues from the day.

So the rest of the week is full, too. Fortunately, Jane's only away until tomorrow evening, so that will help. To top all this off, when we came back from the South Shore on Saturday night, we discovered that out high-tech Kenmore front-loading washer crapped out - it won't drain and won't spin properly. No idea why, but repair is coming Wednesday morning. Fortunately, we had cleaned everything the previous day - the only things stuck in there were the bath mats.

Anyhow, next time I'll write about more interesting stuff. I promise!

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