Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Today is devoted to nerd topics. My project of the day was to reflash my Treo 650 from Cingular 1.17 firmware to Unlocked GSM 1.20 (Cingular unlocked my 650 several months ago, so it's functionally identical to the Unlocked model). Well, there's two issues in doing so - first of all, Palm's update checker doesn't allow cross-grading. So I'm not supposed to be doing this. And then, besides that, Palm has yet to release a Mac version of the updater.

So I went and found a version of the updater that was posted via the TreoCentral.com forums (customized to strip out Versamail, Real player, and some other junk) in a format that was compatible with SD cards. I downloaded it, put the update in a folder called "PALM" on my handy spare SD card, and after a backup of the Treo, I popped it in and the whole reflash proceeded without problems. There were a few minor glitches in the restore process (I had to reinstall the JVM instead of restoring it), but all in all it was pretty much trouble-free and now I've got the latest code.

Yesterday's project was to install Kerio MailServer 6.1 on my Tiger server box at the office (I'm installing it in several customer sites over the next few weeks, so I figured I should dogfood it first). The move was pretty much seamless, except I haven't quite got the directory services integration working yet. I installed the schema extensions and even kerberized the server, but all else is OK and fairly easy to manage, especially compared to a run-of-the-mill Exchange box.

I worked on virtually nothing Sunday, though - I just hung out at home (after a walk to the grocery store for the newspaper) and watched the snow fall. Nice way to spend the day.

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