Thursday, February 16, 2006

Don't Ph3ar a Mac Trojan

Word is out today that someone has concocted a Mac OS X Trojan that is a PPC executable named "latestpics.tgz". If run, it will infect the user account and try to spread via iChat. It's really no big deal, though - Mac users have to do the following things to run it:

- Download via browser of choice (probably Safari), which will warn you that it is potentially executable;
- Decompress the malware with your decompressor of choice;
- Double-click the malware file to run it, and then;
- Enter your admin password to allow it to execute.

Sounds dangerous, huh? Mac OS X malware is possible to create, but this isn't exactly it. I think that over the next year or so, you'll see a few more attacks on the platform, but overall it's a much harder target to crack open, and the relative lack of Mac malware is more a reflection of that increased security than it is of Mac market share.

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