Thursday, March 06, 2003

Random thoughts from a random man

That would be me.

My token political thought: I'm not anti-war. I'm not pro-war, either. But there's something about this brewing war with Iraq that just doesn't pass the smell test to me. I can't pinpoint what it is. I'm afraid we're looking at a giant "Wag the Dog" scenario, but nothing seems to stick to Dubya. When Clinton lobbed a couple of cruise missles into the Sudan, the nation erupted in outrage and accused him of staging it as a distraction from the Lewinsky scandal. Go figure.

I think there's something seriously wrong in the WWE. There's been a huge rash of neck injuries, starting with Austin a couple of years ago. Since then, they've lost Lita, Chris Benoit, Scotty 2 Hotty, Rhyno, Edge, and now Kurt Angle to fusion surgery. Lloyd Youngblood (the surgeon in Texas who has been fixing them) should be giving a bulk discount. Add to that Aich and Kevin Nash's quad tears (both knocking them out for around 9 months each), Bradshaw and Kane's biceps tears, a whole mess of bad backs, Randy Orton's shoulder (and now his foot), Dave Batista's tricep, concussions for half the roster, Jazz's knee (Victoria's is screwed up, too, but she's trying to gut it out with a brace), Bubba Ray's back, Rey Mysterio's knee, Hogan's cracked ribs, and Angle's knee surgery back in December, and it's been a horrible injury run.

Either there's too many "special" vitamins being used (which helps explain some of the muscle tears - you can't tell me Batista and Aich got those builds through weights alone), or too rough a style, or too much high-risk stuff going on, or just crappy luck - any which way, this has been a horrible run of injury luck. It's been hell on the storylines. Hopefully things will stabilize, but I don't hold out much hope. Ironically, the two guys who arguably put themselves most on the line every time out - Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy - have remained injury-free so far.

The minivan doesn't suck so far.

I have become Bluetooth's biggest fan. My PowerBook, Palm Tungsten T, Sony T68i, and Jabra headset all work together, wirelessly. Now I'm looking for things that can be done with Bluetooth. I have some cool ideas.

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