Monday, March 31, 2003

Changing gears

Saturday's trick: forward crawling. It's still a little unsteady - but he goes forward 5-6 paces at a time now. After that, if he still isn't where he's headed, he'll pause, regroup, and go forward again. Once he gets just short of his destination, he lunges for it.

We bought him a 4-key xylophone-type-thingy with colored piano keys the other day. He loves to bang on it.

However, there's one minor drawback to his new activity levels - we really can't take him out for any sort of sit-down dinner anymore. He's just too active to sit in a highchair at a restaurant for an extended period of time. We picked up this insight when we went to the Beerworks in Salem for dinner Saturday night.

I think that phase will last at least a few more months. We can probably still do quicker-serve restaurants if we need to. And he's usually OK at lunches.

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