Sunday, March 02, 2003

Knock on wood...

It appears that DSLquest 2003 is finally over. I'm now on a Speakeasy/Worldcom circuit at 768/768, and all is well so far. It turned out to be easier to set up another Worldcom (the infrastructure FKA rhythms) circuit than it was to reconnect Covad, and I really didn't care a whit which one I used, so long as I had my static IP.

They did the work to turn up the circuit Friday, but we went away to visit my folks for the weekend - so I just hooked it up and switched the DNS this afternoon after I got home. Props again to ZoneEdit for making DNS easy to manage.

The other thing of note about this trip is that we made it in our new vehicle - a magnificent babe magnet of a car. Not.

It's a Chevy Venture.

Yeah, I don't love minivans, but I am also practical enough to be willing to drive one, regardless of ego. It proved to be very useful on this trip for starters, and should be really handy as we start making more long trips with the little guy. It drives pretty comfortably, too. Not quite as many bells and whistles as the Olds had, but a lot more space in about the same road footprint. And it also has AWD, but gets way better mileage. So I'm not bitter.

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