Monday, March 17, 2003

Beep, beep

He's still backwards-only - but after a couple of days his speed is up. We went out and bought one of those folding fences (I think it's called a "superyard") to put in our second living room so we can fance him in safely. He likes it so far - we got a couple of expansion panels to make it as big as possible.

Big reason why most airlines are doomed: The frequent flyer system is screwed up hopelessly. If I accumulate enough miles for travel, I should get a ticket, right? Well, according to Delta that may not be the case. They have a certain allocation of seats for frequent flyers, period. Well, I either flew or took advantage of offers in order to accumulate those miles. They should be just as valid as cash as long as there are unsold seats on the plane.

Because they're treated as a lesser grade of money, we get "wait-listed" for our tickets - with the further risk being that if we get our seats at all, we may not be able to buy a regular-priced seat for our son if those sell out in the meantime. Ridiculous.

Essentially, I hope airlines like Southwest wind up sucking the marrow from the bones of the old-school airlines. Delta first.

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