Thursday, July 01, 2004


That'll show me. I go to head out for a walk without looking at the weather map first, and there's a thunderstorm brewing (literally) above my head as I walk out. I started to make it around the building at least, but was quickly sent scurrying back inside by the first splatters of rain.

So that might have to wait a little while. It's coming down pretty hard right now.

Cool tech note: When running iChat AV on a Bluetooth-equipped Mac (like mine), if you have your paired cellphone on you and walk out of range, your status will automatically be changed to unavailable. When you return, you get a choice of default behaviors - the Mac will either log you back in automatically, or ask you first (in case you're just stopping back for a moment). Pretty cool, and yet another neat way to take advantage of Bluetooth.

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