Sunday, July 04, 2004

So much for vacation...

After an uneventful night with my folks in Connecticut, we trooped on to Cape May, New Jersey - our ultimate destination. First off, traffic was difficult until Atlantic City.

Then it reached a total standstill. It seems that the Somers Point bridge was out of service for some reason. We were stuck for the better part of two hours with nowhere to go.

Once we finally got to move again, the driving was speedy for the last 30 miles or so. Anyhow, the house we are in is next door to the condo we've rented in the past. It's huge. I mean, 4+ thousand square feet of huge, with a Jacuzzi on the back deck, lots of bathrooms, a huge kitchen, off-street parking (a premium here), a pool table, decks overlooking front and back, and all the fixin's.

Last night, our plan was to put all the kids in one room together. Unfortunately, it failed. Both toddlers (ours and Jane's sister's) wound up with their respective parents. We tried tossing David on a futon in our room, but after a few hours that failed too. The morning saw Jane, myself, David, and Bear (about David's size) all in the bed together. Fortunately it was a king bed.

Overall, we like our trips down here though. But if we have more travel and sleeping like yesterday, I'm going to need a vacation from vacation.

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