Monday, July 05, 2004

Life's lookin' up

Last night - a miracle! We let the kids stay up stupid-late (like 11ish), but David passed out on the futon in our room with no trouble, and then he slept until 8:30. He also napped from 2:30 until 6 yesterday. We took him to see the fireworks down at Congress Hall, and he loved them. He kept saying "Firework!". We did a lot of walking, since it was so mobbed last night. Our house is just about a mile from downtown.

We also spent a decent amount of time on the beach - at least everyone else did. I did some errands with Jane's dad, and washed our clothes. We go through a lot of laundry here. I did join them all around 1 or so, and did some bodysurfing. I love ocean swimming. David was heavily sunscreened, but Jane forgot to protect her back and now it's rather toasted. There will be no more beach for her for a few days.

I found out what caused the huge delay on Saturday. An ice truck from Sea Isle City hit a guardrail and overturned right around the Somers Point Bridge at Great Egg Harbor, and it spilled close to 50 gallons of diesel. They closed things down for the cleanup. It happened around 3 - shortly before our arrival. Oh well. Things have improved since then.

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