Tuesday, July 06, 2004

We are having technical difficulties

Actually, the technical's fine. It's the sleeping that's trouble.

Yesterday, we went into town for a walk, some window shopping, and lunch. We ate at the Ugly Mug, where we usually go at least once on our trips. Jane had corned beef, I had a burger, and David had a grilled cheese. However, he missed out on part of it because a gull dive-bombed the table and stole a quarter of his sandwich. I spent the rest of the meal watching out in case it returned, so I could kill it. However, the gull decided what it had was enough.

David showed no reaction other than sitting there with mouth agape. He was fascinated, and tried to recount the experience for us all later that evening - entailing a lot of excited gestures and the word "gull".

Sleep, though, wasn't so good. We fought for almost three hours on and off to finally get him down for a nap - he wound up sleeping from five to seven-ish. Then he was bitter after waking up. We calmed him down, then went for a drive up to see the neon of Wildwood (which was pretty funky), then we drove back downtowh and walked the boardwalk. Happily for him, we stopped and let him have an ice cream cone. He was most happy. Getting him to sleep was a chore, though - he went down with help around midnight and was up at 7:30. He is currently bouncing on the bed next to me and trying to tickle me. Joy...

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