Monday, May 16, 2005

Minor glitches with the car

I've had my minivan back for 3 days now. Whoo! There are a few things to be dealt with, but only one of them is accident-related - the tailpipe is bent down and the body shop hadn't replaced it yet when I came to pick up the car due to a miscommunication between them and the service department. No biggie, and they'll coordinate that and give me a loaner while they replace the pipe. It doesn't affect driving, it's just cosmetic.

Meanwhile, while Jane was working Saturday I took David out, went to pick up my friend Greg and David's buddy Harry, and we went to the New England Aquarium for a few hours. That was a very pleasant way to spend some time - David loves sharks and was captivated. He kept blowing through exhibits in order to get right to the big tank where the sharks were, and then he stood up in the window and watched them. Harry wasn't quite as into it - I think they made him a little nervous. David probably would have gone swimming in there if he could have.

The only major thing we did yesterday was clean the house. We were having "behavior problems" with the little guy yesterday - he only went out once, in the morning, and when we were down to buy the paper he had such a tantrum in the parking lot that I took him straight home instead of going in the store.

Everybody's capable of having a bad day. Especially almost-three-year-olds.

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