Monday, May 16, 2005

Comics hot streak

My favorite comic strip is Darby Conley's Get Fuzzy. It's about a Boston advertising guy named Rob Wilco and his two pets - a pudgy, none-too-bright dog called Satchel, and a dimwitted, evil cat named Bucky. He basically lives a single, Gen-X version of my life, but funnier.

Anyhow, Friday's comic featured a nice dig at Boston sports institution Bob Lobel (he's been on the air here for almost thirty years), who's had some "issues" in recent months. The strip is here, even though the Globe changed "Lobel" to "him" in the newspaper.

But then, Sunday topped it with a return to the classic "make fun of the French" theme. I present the link for your viewing pleasure.

There's a lot of strips archived on, but you can poke around the rest for yourselves. I've got a busy week lined up and this is my little burst of leisure beforehand.

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