Tuesday, May 31, 2005

It lives...

I survived the long weekend - went to the doctor on Friday and got drugs to kill off the nasties that were living in me and causing the fever bursts. Jane's folks arrived Saturday (along with her sister and all the cousins), and we had a great time throwing a birthday bash for David on Sunday. Jane's sister left yesterday morning - her folks headed back to New Jersey today. And David took the day off from school so he could go to the airport with them.

Meanwhile, I worked this afternoon on a job that I picked up by virtue of keeping my phone with me on the holiday. Good Mac work - this was a very good month for my business overall. I did work for three other accounts in the morning. Tomorrow is pretty much just as busy, plus I have the semi-monthly Apple meeting I need to head into Cambridge for. Last time I was going there was when I got rear-ended - I think I'll take a different route this time!

By the way, I watched both the Indy 500 (actually, just the last half of it after the birthday party) and the Coca-Cola 600 on Sunday. That pretty much auto-sported me out for a while. The NASCAR race did have an exciting ending, though - Jimmy Johnson passed Bobby Labonte in the final straightaway to win by a hood length. And in Indy racing, Danica Patrick is the real deal. She's fast, she's got the right attitude, she's aggressive, and it certainly helps that she's just plain smokingly hot as well. She may just start getting Indy racing some attention again after many years of decline.

The George family (the folks behind the IRL), just better hope she doesn't get lured to NASCAR anytime soon.

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