Monday, May 02, 2005


My legs are en fuego - I got up at 6 this morning and went for a bike ride. Only 13 miles, but I did a lot of climbing on the route I took today (down to Swampscott, and back up the Marblehead coast around Marblehead Neck), and I was moving at a pretty good clip. It was a good way to start the week off.

Maybe one morning my riding partner will show up... in his defense, though, I called his cell around 7 last night to let him know I'd be heading out today (Robert's one of those folks who it's easier to get on his cell than his home phone). And golf season has begun as of this week - our shrunken league now plays bi-weekly, but that's still enough to play a decent number of matches. And bi-weekly doesn't mean I can't golf more than that - it just means only one score counts.

One glitch has been reported in Tiger that will keep me off it for a little while - Apparently there's a cosmetic bug with QuickBooks 6.0 that prevents new entries from being processed the normal way. I'll see if it's still there with 10.4.1 before deciding how to proceed (one option is to upgrade QuickBooks).

David woke up way too early today. He got up as I was leaving the house on my bike. Jane blamed me initially for waking him up, but I'm convinced that if he heard me tiptoeing in my slippers, then he was already awake in bed.

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