Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I've got a couple of minutes here in the office, so given yesterday's occasion I figured I'd drop a note here.

As many of you will recall, yesterday was David's birthday. Grandma and Grandpa brought him to school with me in the morning (they're on their way home now as I type this), and we stopped to pick up a big box of cupcakes. As David requested, they were white with pink icing (and jimmies). He had a rough separation (and today as well), but then I went to work for a while at a client site (which is where I'm going back to as soon as I'm done here), while my folks went off to shop for a while.

After I wrapped up and went home for lunch, my folks joined me and then we picked up my car - which finally has all the work done now. We then picked David up a couple of hours early so we could spend more time with him. He requested the dinner last night (Chinese), and finally ran out of gas a little after 9. He slept until about 8:30 this morning.

I only have one more day thankfully until Jane gets home from her business trip. David definitely prefers having her around if he has to settle for just one parent. And I'm flat-out busy for the rest of this week onwards. I have to take care of work for two customers in Salem today, then tomorrow I'm in Norwood and Friday I'm in South Boston. I even have some work to do this weekend.

I like busy. And since I never know if things will cool down, now's the time to do all the work I can.

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