Tuesday, February 15, 2005

You can't see me (toddler style)

David is being treated for his first case of conjunctivitis. He's had a minor cold the last few days, and then over the weekend his eyes started generating that lovely goopy crust that you get when the infection hits the tear ducts. So after phoning it in to the pediatrician, he's now getting eye drops for the next few days. He's home with Jane today (she's got a few days off), and he can go back to school tomorrow after 24 hours' worth of treatment. But we keep giving him the drops until Saturday.

The only minor change that makes to our plans is that we were going to go out for Valentine's Day tonight - now we'll skip it until Saturday. Not a big loss. Jane still gets a couple of solo days to decompress, and I'll hang out with her Thursday if my schedule permits.

Meanwhile, I formatted the external drive I'd confiscated today. It's useful for doing backups. Too bad I didn't get the copy of Retrospect Express that came with it.

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