Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Finally, a church I could join!

Marc Perkel is a well-known Internet gadfly, skeptic, and one-man controversy shop. But he came up with an idea that I actually am starting to think highly of.

Basically, if your belief system is essentially atheist in nature, you have a bit of a social problem. In many corners, you're kind of defined by your religion, even if you don't actually believe in anything "religious". So Perkel came up with the Church of Reality, which you can choose as your denomination. The core principle, is basically this: if it's objectively real, then it's true.

Which excludes virtually all "traditional" religious belief whatsoever quite neatly. Besides that, he makes some pretty good arguments about many issues of a religious nature that I won't sully by trying to summarize them myself. Go to his site and read them for yourself. I think this is finally a church I could claim membership in.

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