Sunday, February 27, 2005


In today's adventure, we went to a WWE house show over at the new Agganis Arena in Boston (on the BU campus). It was at 2 PM, which proved to be a little iffy - David slept for the whole ride in, but not enough. So he was kinda moody for a while. Overall, the outing went pretty well, though. As for the results, see below...

Shelton Benjamin def. Christian to retain the Intercontinental Title
Chris Masters def. Val Venis (Masters has combined the look and skill of Lex Luger with the moves of Ivan Putski - not a good combo)
Superstar Billy Graham punked out the Coach in an amusing skit
William Regal and Tajiri def. La Resistance to retain the Tag Team Championship
Rhyno def. Tyson Tomko (aka. Goat Boy) with the "Gore! Gore! Gore!"
Trish Stratus def. Molly Holly & Victoria in a triple threat match to retain the Women's Championship
Then, while David and I were getting popcorn (which improved his mood immeasurably), Kane def. Gene Snitsky (hardcore rules)
Chris Benoit (who remains way over) def. Mohammad Hassan by DQ. After the match, Hassan's manager Shawn Daivari got a Crippler Crossface that popped the crowd big-time
Shawn Michaels def. Edge - very good match
And in the main event, Batista and Randy Orton def. Triple H and Ric Flair in a cage match.

The notes from the show:
- First off, I liked the house show. Other than the time setting up the cage before the main event, there were basically no breaks in the action. I've only been to TV events before, where they stop for commercials and stuff. The action was nice. And 9 matches plus the Graham segment in about 2 and a half hours is nice.
- Ric Flair is still arguably the most over wrestler on the planet, and he's in his late 50s. The cage match was worked to get Flair and Orton out of the action relatively fast (Flair even bladed, which surprised me), so it could focus on the Aich-Batista showdown (previewing Wrestlemania's main event).
- The Michaels-Edge match was well-planned out, with a nice finish.
- Hassan has "it". Terrific on the mic, good psychology, and he works much better in the ring than you'd expect from a rookie. He's got the potential to be the next big breakout heel star.
- Chris Masters sucks. Really. Val did his best to make him look good, but to little avail. It's too bad Val hasn't gotten more chances to get a face push - the crowd loves him.
- Shelton Benjamin is one amazing athlete (he should be, he was a legit track star and All-American wrestler in college). And Christian can have a first-rate match with anybody. They work well together.

As far as David went, he was difficult at first and moody, eating very little at Qdoba beforehand (we arrived and parked right in time for lunch at about 1:20 or so). The first few matches he watched intently, before deciding that he was hungry, he wanted Brown Bear (who we'd left back in the car), and he "didn't like the wrestling show". Then, after getting some more milk and some popcorn he had a lot more fun. Jane took him up to the concourse as the final match was winding down, and he was telling us how much fun he'd had on the way home. We had some nice folks sitting behind us, one of whom was a local indy wrestler whose name escaped me (but I'd heard it before). Nice guy, and David took a picture with him.

There were other toddlers there - more than I expected. David was about as young as they got, though, not many were younger than him.

Agganis Arena is gorgeous. Good job, BU.

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