Monday, February 07, 2005


Today, I'm relaxing a little, while I work on a SUS install plan for one of the customers whose network I manage. So this is my "mid-day breather" - and I figured I'd use the opportunity to take care of some Super Bowl business:

- First of all, David was a trip at the party we went to. Last year, at 20 months, he was a little intimidated by the whole thing, all the people, and the crowds. He didn't want to hang out downstairs with the other kids, and started crying for us to get him back. He also burst into tears when everyone erupted over the winning field goal - it scared him.

12 months make a huge difference, I'll say. This year, he was a tiny bit shy when we first arrived, but warmed up quickly. He went and raced around like a maniac. He wore his Pats jersey that I bought him this year, and he was cheering with every big play right along with everybody else. He clapped, he hollered, and he was exchanging high-fives with all the adults. He also kept wandering off from us to go find other people to play with - adults and kids alike. Of course, they were powerless to resist.

He ate food relatively neatly, drank juice, and sat on the sofa with us at times, when he didn't feel like playing. He also stayed awake most of the ride home, chattering away with us excitedly about how much fun he had.

Needless to say, today he's dragging a bit, tired, and running a slight temperature after all that.

As for the game itself, what can I say? Super Bowl parties are a lot more fun when your team is in it, and even more fun when they win. Which the Pats always seem to do. The last four years have been a treat (excepting the 2003 Super Bowl that the Bucs won), and this year the outcome never really seemed in doubt. Even when the Eagles scored first, I still had the feeling that everything was under control. The only people who really sweated this one were the ones who took the Pats and the points. Newsflash: they always find a way to make these games close. Either bet the opponent to cover as dogs in the Super Bowl, or don't bet. Two years of the Pats as favorites should prove that.

On the other hand, I won my Usenet service provider's pool, so I can't complain. Given the low stakes I play for, it's been a very good season for me.

I'll get back to other stuff in the next day or so - I've done a few neat tech things in the last couple of weeks that it'd be fun to elaborate on, so I will.

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