Monday, February 07, 2005

Final Super Bowl thoughts

These are kinda random, but then again, so am I...

- Listening to the radio while I work, it's neat hearing poor Pete Sheppard. The guy must have blown his voice to little bits last night doing the overnight for WEEI. Today he's got nothing left.

- Note to Freddie Mitchell: Next time keep your mouth shut. 1 catch, 11 yards. Way to go. Ironically, they did cover him with Harrison most of the night, and it appears that Rodney had something for him, instead. Go figure.

- Somewhere in America, the slowest two-minute drill in history is still dragging on. Donovan McNabb is a brilliant quarterback who had a spectacular season, but he was just a little too nervous last night. You can't get away with that against the Patriots, and he's probably learned his lesson for next year. The Eagles will most likely be back here - if not next year, soon after.

- T.O.: It's not that folks would call Favre a warrior if he came back from that injury and not you. It's that you wouldn't shut up about it. You played a brilliant game, and showed the world something about your ability. But we all got tired of your babbling. Shut up, play the game as well as you can, and you'll get the props you deserve from all of us. Richard Seymour came back from a partial MCL tear in the game, and you didn't hear him yapping about it. You just saw him dominate the Philly inside line and take away their running game.

- Based on published reports, I don't think Jacksonville will be high on my list of possible vacation spots. It's like having a Super Bowl in Hartford.

- Other than that brain-dead fumble, Tom Brady had a typical, efficient, controlled game. Corey Dillon made some key plays, and Kevin Faulk had a huge playoff run (he was this good against Pittsburgh, too). Deion Branch, though, was deserving of his MVP, unless you split it between Bruschi and Harrison. But then how do you share the Caddy?

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