Friday, January 14, 2005

What a couple of days...

I spent Wednesday in Boston at an ad agency that I work on with a friend. We were setting up computers and cleaning spyware and viruses from the old ones that were staying. Hard work - we finished up around 6 that night. But that wasn't all.

As I was walking to their office, the folks at David's day care called. He was running a fever of just over 100 degrees and was acting very withdrawn. Cause for concern. An hour or so later, though, it'd spiked to 102.3, and we tracked down Jane at home (she was working out of the home office that day, fortunately), and she went and picked him up. We kept him home yesterday (he joined us in bed around 4AM yesterday and stayed there sleeping - I joked that I now knew what it was like to be Michael Jackson, since I woke up yesterday morning with a small boy in my bed). He was feeling a little better last night, and today we brought him back to school because he is in much better shape, and his appetite has returned.

While he was home yesterday, Jane and I worked split shifts. I went in for a little while in the morning, to meet with a new client. Then I came home and watched him while Jane went out, and finally when she returned I went back to the office to build a new server and pick up some legal paperwork from another client (there's an NDA involved, so that's all I can say). Today we're probably just going to keep David in school until around lunchtime - maybe into early afternoon if he goes down for a nap there.

Tomorrow Jane has a baby shower up in New Hampshire. If David's feeling OK, I'll drive us all up and then we'll be going to Rob's house so he can play with Christopher. If not, Jane goes solo.

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