Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Now that the Apple Store is back up...

I've gotten some details on the Mac mini that are interesting. First off, it has only one DIMM socket. However, that can hold a 1 GB DIMM (PC 2700), which is cool. Apple's price on the 512MB upgrade isn't ridiculous ($75 extra), but they charge $320 for the 1 GB DIMM. Also, a SuperDrive is available as a BTO option for an extra $100 - I didn't expect to see that available at all on this one.

Finally, the Mac mini will take both AirPort Extreme and internal Bluetooth - they've diverged from the usual pattern here, though. Historically, AirPort Extreme has been a user-installable option, and Bluetooth was BTO-only. Now, both require installation by an authorized service provider, but apparently even the Bluetooth module can be installed by the ASP. Which is also rather cool.

(I'm a major Bluetooth fanboy)

They do not include iWork - just the traditional AppleWorks and a 30-day Test Drive version of MS Office X 2004. VRAM is, like I though, non-expandable. And it's got DVI video output (I already knew that, but it's nice to emphasize the point).

You and I know that a "$499" Mac isn't really a $499 Mac, but most people don't. The same way they don't realize that the $499 Dell isn't really $499. Apple will sell a ton of these immediately. A year and a half ago, it was tough to get a PowerMac G4 this slick - now it's in a 6.5"x6.5"x2" package.

Heck, they'd make good light-duty servers, too, I suspect. The next time janeshouse.com gets an upgrade, it might be time to ditch the Intel/Linux combo that's served me so well for so long.

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