Sunday, January 09, 2005

Weekend Interlude

My parents came to visit for the weekend - so David got a double dose of grandparents in just a two week span. He liked it. Definitely. I think my folks didn't exactly mind, either.

Tonight, we took advantage of the free babysitting to head out for an evening on the town. Actually, what we did was a little more mundane - we left the house, dropped off an old blender at the local homeless shelter (Jane called them to see if they could use it first), bought new wipers for her car, went to the Bed, Bath, & Beyond to buy a new colander (our old one finally broke while making lasagna yesterday, and then we went to Kelly's for a nice, romantic dinner. Anyone who knows Kelly's knows the lunacy of that statement. We did, however, go to the movies for the first time in forever before returning home. We saw "The Incredibles", which got a major thumbs-up from both of us - I'm glad I saw this one in the theater instead of waiting for the DVD.

When we left for all this activity, there was no separation anxiety at all - David simply said "bye" and grabbed Grandma to make her play some more trains with him. He was happy to see us return, though.

After my folks went back to the hotel, and we put David to bed, he decided that tonight would be another good night to be afraid of monsters. I explained to him that he shouldn't worry; Gracie liked to eat monsters so much that they all stay away from our house.

That argument seems to work a lot better than trying to reassure him that monsters don't exist.

As for me, vacation ends tomorrow - I will be back in the office in the morning and I have a decent amount of stuff booked for the week.

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