Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Telling headlines

A headline I just read on Yahoo's newswire says Krispy Kreme is being accused of "padding sales". That's funny. I figured they'd be accused of padding their customers.

We took David in to the Boston Children's Museum yesterday. It was a blast, though he got a little difficult towards the end when he was getting overtired. He was a little difficult when we first arrived, too - but then we realized that the museum was meant to be experienced at his pace, not at ours. I think most parents take a little while to figure that one out the first couple of times they do a real kids'-oriented activity.

After we figured that out we just pretty much let him lead the way and all we did was make sure he had a chance to see everything at least once. He stopped wherever he felt like stopping, and went back to some activities multiple times. Unfortunately, they have a big, 2-story climbing maze in there that he was too young for, but he really wanted to do it anyways. That was our only "no" of the day.

His nap when we got home was pretty short, too. But he made up for it by going to bed around 9:30 and sleeping until almost 9 this morning before Jane took him to school. I'm in the midst of a vacation week, but I will be going in for a while this afternoon - if only to pay my rent and stuff.

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