Sunday, June 30, 2002

World Cup - whatsupwiddat?

I understand the game of soccer just fine. Heck, it can be fun to watch. When I was younger, I enjoyed playing it, though I was no good at all (I was OK in the couple of years I goofed around at club-level rugby, so maybe it was just that I'm better when I can use my hands). And I fully understand that other nations don't get into the sports we prefer here the same way they do soccer.

What I don't quite understand, though, is why World Cup causes such national passions to erupt worldwide. Is it something about soccer that encourages herd behavior? Or is it that this is the _only_ sport many of these nations really participate in? I dunno. I just know that no matter how big soccer is in the rest of the world, I just won't ever feel the same passion for the game.

Does that make me a classless unsophisticated imperialist American? No. It just means that I have other priorities. I don't expect people in the rest of the world to necessarily be as passionate about baseball or (American) football as I can be. Don't expect me to care that much about your game.

One pleasant side note to the now-concluded World Cup - I live in a city with a large Latino population. So Brazil's triumph is noteworthy for one good reason - there are right now a lot of stunning Brazilian women riding around in convertibles celebrating. And they've all been gorgeous so far.

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