Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Sleep? Ahh, it's over-rated.

At least, I wish it were the case. Right now the sleep is working out like this:

1 night per week - he sleeps real soundly, and only wakes up once for feeding and changing.

4-5 nights per week - a little tougher to get to sleep, and he may wake up a couple of times.

1-2 nights per week - hell on earth. He doesn't pass out until well after 1 AM, and he's up multiple times during the night. Ususally with explosive gas.

Last night was one of those nights. Uggh. The redeeming factor is that we're now getting him out of the house on occasion - yesterday evening we took him to see a couple of the girls at Jane's old work, and then we went down to the Salem Willows for dinner with him. He was pretty good. It should be 2-3 months from now, but we're inching our way towards more regular sleep patterns for him.

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