Wednesday, June 12, 2002

He's freaking me out a little

More David observations from the last day or so:

- We haven't weighed him since last week, but he's growing real fast. He's already too big for the Huggies. I'd estimate he's a little over seven pounds now. At this rate, by next week he'll have outgrown all the preemie clothes he's been wearing so far - then we have to break out all the 0-3 stuff.

- He can roll most of the way over already. And he can hold his head up for a few minutes at a time. From what I understand, that's pretty darned early.

- Also, if he's put on his stomach at all he'll scoot with his elbows and knees. I lie on the sofa to watch TV with him on my stomach, and before I know it he's up against my chin. He scoots all the way up.

- His cord stump fell off yesterday, so he can now get full baths instead of sponge baths.

Basically, it's kind of freaky how quickly he seems to be developing so far. His appetite has gone way up, he's developed motor skills that I wasn't figuring on seeing for a while, and he's sleeping for longer intervals than I expected. And he's still two weeks from what his due date was supposed to be.

I think at this rate we'll be filling out college applications by the end of the year. Wow.

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