Thursday, June 06, 2002

Who needs sleep?

For the record, David Turiel (our new son) weighed in at 5 lb, 15 oz when he was born on 5/24. He was five weeks early (well, four weeks and five days, to be exact). I brought him home from the hospital on 5/28, along with his mother.


-When he was released from the hospital, David had dropped to 5 lb, 5 oz. A normal weight loss - all babies shrink a bit in the first week or so.

-At birth, David was 17.25 inches long. At his first appointment with the pediatrician the following Wednesday, they measured him at 18 inches.

-As of yesterday's visit, he now weighs 6 lb, 1 oz. So he's passed his birth weight and will only rocket upwards from there.

-For the next few weeks, he'll still be wearing the smallest Huggies (newborn size) - Huggies run a little smaller and he's still tiny. We've got a ton of Pampers waiting for him.

-His due date was 6/26. He has his one-month appontment that day, ironically.

-David is on formula part-time (about 50/50). In the week and a half since he's come home, he's gone from 1 oz. at a feeding to 3 oz. per feeding. He'll sleep for about 3-4 hours after that big a feed.

-He's got a very strong grip for a baby his size. Also, from the size of his hands and feet, there is some serious size potential in this baby. Given normal weight gain in utero, he would have likely been around 9 pounds had he gone to term.

I'm writing this in the wee hours immediately after a feeding. I do the late night and early morning, my wife does the middle-of-the night feeding. She went to bed a couple of hours ago. I'm exhausted, needless to say. By the way, it was definitely worth it.

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