Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Idle wrestling thought...

You know, when Triple H blew out his left quad last year in a tag match (Trips and Austin vs. Jericho and Benoit), not only did he finish the match on one leg, but he took Jericho's submission move (the Walls of Jericho) without complaint. He carried the match several additional minutes despite an injury that had him in surgery the next day and cost him six months of rehab.

I admired that work ethic - I'm not Aich's biggest fan, but that's a truly dedicated performer.

So last night, I'm watching WWE RAW, and in his first match back after 3 months on the injured list (a 10-man tag, wtih the NWO plus Benoit and Eddy Guerrero) going up against Bubba and Spike Dudley, Booker T, Goldust, and Rob Van Dam - is Kevin Nash. Good match, right?

After about 10 minutes of battling, Kevin getts tagged in. After a couple of moves, he trips in the middle of the ring, folds up, and collapses in the corner. Guess what - he tore his quad, too. It took 17 seconds.

However, when Nash went down, he stayed down. Everyone else covered up, and they improvised a new finish (Big Show pinned Booker). Granted Nash is over 10 years older than Hunter, but still.

So now, after 3 months out rehabbing a torn bicep, he'll be out about another 6 months or so. Good investment, Vince!

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