Saturday, January 22, 2005

Well, the weather outside is frightful...

And we're waiting for the power to go out for good. Since I have UPS devices at every link between me and my DSL line, if the CO is up I stay up anyways (for a while, at least). So I thought I'd write a little update before bed.

Today was busy, one might say. Jane left early to go get prettified and mail some stuff, then we headed out together for some pre-storm activities. First, we took David to the bank to make a deposit (he'd accumulated $77 in cash and change - not bad!), which he took very seriously. He took the task of choosing a lollipop even more seriously, though (he picked the orange one). Then, we headed to the mall to go see Dora the Explorer, who was making an appearance. You'd have though she was a rock star, from the size of the crowd, to the lines, to her being about a half-hour late, and to her being kinda disappointing in person. No real costume, just a twenty-something girl with a vaguely Dora-ish hairdo in an outfit of approximately similar design and color to Dora's cartoon outfit. We were expecting more of a Disney-type suit. We blew the whole thing off when we saw how long the line was, but David did see her before we went and met our friends for lunch. He wasn't impressed.

After we went back home and David hit the sack for a (nearly four-hour!) nap, I went out one last time as the snow started falling - to go to the library and pick up more milk and orange juice. You'd think that it was Blizzard of '78 time all over again from the crowds at the supermarket. It actually took me several minutes to find a parking space.

Folks, relax! The streets will be clear by afternoon tomorrow, honest!

Anyhow, after hunkering down for the rest of the day we did some housecleaning, relaxed, ate leftovers for supper, and generally did little until just before David's bedtime. Then we took on a new project (he helped) - moving pretty much all the toys over to our second living room. The train table was already in there, along with a bookcase, so we moved everything else in there, too. That will hopefully let us get some more control over the mess elsewhere - and we don't really use that room at all, anyway. After we cleared out the main living room, I let Roomba have at it for the first time in a couple of weeks. It looked clean, but I emptied enough junk out of the bin to prove otherwise. Yecch.

So tomorrow will probably be a "trudge down to the store in my boots for the paper" sort of day. After which we'll just sit around the house all day and watch a lot of football. My kind of Sunday.

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