Monday, January 24, 2005

Trading TiVo

I read a news blurb today that TLC is dropping Paige Davis as Trading Spaces host, and moving to a "hostless" format. Well, call me cynical, but I think it's going to result in a change of my own - dropping the show from my TiVo's Season Pass list.

It's not that I'm a huge fan of hers (she can be way too perky and annoying at times), but I think the show needs a narrator/host to guide it along, and she was pretty good at it. But the show itself has changed a lot in the last season or so, and mainly for the worst. Not to mention that most of the recent cast changes haven't done much for me, either.

So I'll keep watching it through the end of Paige's run (according to the announcement, her last show will air in March), and then see for a couple of weeks what the new version looks like before I drop it. But I'm expecting that it's gone.

See? I can talk about the inane with the best of 'em!

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