Monday, January 24, 2005

One more football note

So we're watching the game last night, with both David and I in our Pats jerseys (I've got a #4, he has a #28), and Jane in the next room. It's the second quarter, and the Steelers are driving. It looks like it may become a game - they're looking real sharp all of a sudden.

Next thing you know, Roethlisberger drops back to pass, dances around for a minute, then tosses the ball to the tight end split out to the right side...

But here's Rodney Harrison reading it perfectly - he steps inside the tight end, and BANG! he's got nothing in front of him but an embarrassed QB, who gets levelled by Vrabel on the return - TOUCHDOWN!

And as Harrison's making the return, I jump up and yell "TO THE HOUSE, BABY!"

Immediately echoed by a toddler doing the exact same thing, war cry and all. I was proud to be his dad.

Oh, and today I came to the office (I'm just about to leave). As I walked in thought the front entrance, I saw the buggies from the day-care center come around that they use to take the toddlers for rides. With David's class in the seats. I was recognized, and greeted with a "Hi, David's daddy!" from several of the kids. It was a Very Cool Moment.

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