Monday, January 24, 2005


We wound up hitting the meteorological jackpot - 38" of snow according to the folks at the local WB affiliate. I believe it. I went out once today, just venturing down to the convenience store down by the college at around 3:30 or so. The storm was over, though it was still a little windy. We weren't dug out yet. So I ventured out the front door, since the back door was covered with a snowdrift about as tall as I am. I had to go waist-deep in the snow to get to the sidewalk - or what passed for one. And I slogged a couple of houses down the street before I could see the street - the plows had put around 6' or so of snow up on either side of the main street in front. I walked right down the middle of the near-deserted road, which was in decent shape itself, and then got the newspaper I had went out for in the first place (I'd called ahead to make sure the trip would pan out).

The supermarket nearby never bothered opening at all today, and I think the entire city pretty much was paralyzed. Except for the pizza place across the street. They were open on-schedule and the delivery driver was there.

Other than that, it was just a matter of playing with David all day and doing some housekeeping, while waiting for the football game. Strange things can always happen, but as of right now I'm expecting to see Philly just get stomped.

Tomorrow I'll probably venture to the office for a little while in the morning. I don't expect to be very busy, but I have some things to do that I had to leave behind when I picked up David Friday night.

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