Monday, November 06, 2006

Two weeks later

Here's what my old car had that I miss a little in the new one:

- Backup sensors (you get used to them)
- RDS support in the stereo
- A cassette player (I don't have any tapes, but it gives me more iPod playing options)
- Better cupholder locations up front
- A more useful sunglasses holder - the one in the Kia can't hold an oversize lens
- Four more gallons of fuel capacity (at roughly the same gas mileage, it was effectively another 90 or so miles of highway driving
- A more useful trip computer

What I have in the Kia that makes me not care about the Chevy:
- Much better visibility
- More useful storage in the front seats, and a better glove compartment
- Auto-dimming rear mirror, and heated side mirrors
- Foglights. They can really come in handy.
- Thermostat-based climate control
- Better ergonomics

Not to mention, of course, that the handling and pickup are way better. But that's almost a given. We took it down to Connecticut on Saturday for a surprise birthday party for my buddy Scott (making a work call for my wife on the way down), and everyone was most comfy. My only qualm at the moment is that I've racked up so many miles over the last few days that I'm pooped out. I could really use a week of local stops for work - but until at least tomorrow that's not going to happen (I'm headed down the the South Shore today).

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