Sunday, November 19, 2006

Events continue

I've worked a zillion hours the last couple of weeks - minimal blogging time. We also had two birthday parties for David to go to, one last Sunday and one yesterday, and we all went down to Connecticut overnight a couple of weeks ago for a surprise birthday party. This weekend I've been pulling solo duty, because Jane had to go down to New Jersey (her dad's having some health problems again), so David and I are holding down the fort.

Yesterday, we went to the Aquarium with Greg and his three kids before driving up to the birthday party. That was entertaining, and amusingly we ran into Woodge and his two kids there. David's also done a bunch of work for me this weekend, stopping at Apple Friday, going to an account Saturday (in between the Aquarium and the birthday party) to install an antenna, dropping off a Mac this morning and picking up another one this afternoon. When Jane's not around, I tend to do work things on the weekend.

Finally for now, I'm not sure if the Pats have fixed their problems or if the NFC just sucks.

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