Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Surprise, Surprise...

In keeping with the almost all-Apple trend of the last few posts, Apple threw a real curveball today - upgrading the mini line (each model gets a speedbump and the Core Solo passes into history), and completely re-doing the iMac to upgrade speeds, upgrade to Core 2 Duo, and to add a model with a 24" display. Oh, and they cut prices, too - and re-did the bottom 17" model to match the edu-only one and get an iMac under the all-important $1000 price point (by $1, but it still counts).

Now that Apple's done a product refresh on a day other than Tuesday, all bets are off for the future!

(Also, I was expecting the iMac to be announced next week and the MacBook Pro this week)

In other news, my father in-law was discharged from the hospital today, and David's health is much improved.

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