Monday, September 25, 2006

For once, big wrestling news

As my readers know, I'm a pro wrestling fan. I make no apologies about it - I like watching the action, I appreciate the athleticism that goes into making a good match (even if the outcome is pre-determined and usually obvious), and I like the way it's, at heart, a soap opera for guys. That said, there's rarely any news out of the business worth treating as real, legitimate news...

Except this - at last night's PPV broadcast, TNA Wrestling (WWE's only national TV competition) announced two things: one, that in November they'd be moving to prime time. And two, they'd signed Kurt Angle to a contract. That's huge. Angle is, despite his physical issues (he was released from WWE in part due to a painkiller dependency) one of the true stars of the business. And working the part-time TNA schedule is the best way to preserve his fragile body. It makes sense, even if I never really thought it would happen. TNA tapes at most two days per month, with a PPV one Sunday per month and rare house shows. WWE runs four days per week, every week, with one and sometimes more PPVs per month. In schedule, it's no contest.

If Angle has, as he claims, been working diligently to heal his body and get himself back in order, this is one of the biggest signings in the recent history of the business.

In other news, I'm watching in a couple of hours to see what Apple's announcements are (MBP, I hope... I have to order one today one way or another), and other than that I'm just sitting here in Oak Bluffs, chillin'.

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