Tuesday, September 05, 2006

False Alarm

Apple had their store offline at 10 this morning for about a half-hour - usually, when this happens on a Tuesday that means they've got new products to sell. But this time there was nothing - just a false alarm. Next week, though, they've scheduled a press event that pretty clearly telegraphs the new iTunes Movie Store (at the very least). And it's scheduled to be in San Francisco, on the first day of Apple Expo in Paris (Apple doesn't like France right now due to DRM legislation there - hence the dis on doing it here instead of a full-fledged Stevenote).

In other false alarm news, my in-laws came to visit last Tuesday and were supposed to head home today. Unfortunately, though, my father in-law had to be hospitalized over the weekend - but he is now the proud owner of a coronary artery stent and all should now be well. It's good that this happened here, where the medical care available is top-notch. And David came home from his first day of pre-K with a significant fever. Tylenol and rest seem to be helping a lot, though, and I think he'll be back in school Thursday.

And I'm working my butt off as usual.

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