Wednesday, September 06, 2006

One follow-up point

I blogged about the new iMac announcement earlier today. Now, for some serious analysis. It was no secret that Apple would upgrade to use the new Core 2 Duo chips (Merom). But everyone (myself included) thought the announcement would be as part of the Jobs presentation next week ("And besides just giving you movies, we've also got these gorgeous new iMacs to play them back on"). Since they were just dropped on a regular old weekday, this probably means there's an even bigger shoe than expected for Tuesday in conjunction with the iTunes Movie Store launch. I honestly have no idea what it is.

It also tells us that going forward, product refreshes like today's will probably be pretty nonchalant. Expect plenty of hype when there's a major product change, but when MacBook Pro (for instance) gets its inevitable Merom upgrade in the next few days, expect a similar fanfare-free announcement to today's.

This does make my prognosticating job a little harder, though...

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