Saturday, August 19, 2006

Waiting for Godot

When I'm on the road, I mainly listen to the local Air America affiliate (they run the AA schedule, except for the syndicated Stephanie Miller and Ed Schultz shows). As fits their lower position in the ratings (and radio in general), they run a lot of ads from slightly shady outfits. One of the latest techniques I've seen has been used with several different products and services (real estate, family history, etc.). During the ad, they phrase it to seem that it's a new news release, and then they say that "if your name starts with A-N (or another mid-pack letter), call today. If your name starts with O-Z, you can call tomorrow".

I know that's supposed to create a sense of urgency, but what if you're really dumb and want to buy their product - and your name is something like Wyman Zelkowitz? (I know, if he were real dumb he wouldn't be listening to AAR) Do you wait forever? Since the next morning you'll hear the same ad again, does the clock reset at that point?

Not that I'd ever buy what they sell, but my last name starts with T. Obviously, they don't want me as a customer!

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