Friday, August 04, 2006

Neville Chamberlain

My wife means well, but she's an appeaser of the worst sort (I engage in hyperbole here). Our son has developed an annoying habit of late - crawling into our bed sometime around 5AM or so most mornings and bunking down with his bear in between us. He sleeps at first - so quietly that we don't even notice his arrival most of the time.

Then he starts getting restless. He squirms. He shoves. He burrows. And we wake up and try and figure out what to do. The last few nights, Jane's had a plan that she thought would help: she told David that if he wouldn't make room in our bed, she'd go sleep in his bed. Which she then does.

And about 30 seconds later, he takes off and follows her. Which gets him what he wanted all along - mommy sleeping in his bed. It gets me something I don't mind, at that (a queen bed all to myself for an hour or so), but it's still appeasement...

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